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How To Maintain The Roadheader?

Mar. 26 , 2019

Roadheader is a machine used for excavating straight underground roadway, which is mainly composed of walking mechanism, working mechanism, loading mechanism and transferring mechanism. As the walking mechanism advances, the cutting head in the working mechanism continuously breaks the rock and carries away the broken rock. So in order to ensure the normal use of the roadheader, how should we carry out maintenance in daily life?

1. Use: in order to extend the life of construction machinery, the "two determinations and three guarantees" system shall be adhered to in the use: determination of personnel, determination of machine, use, storage and maintenance of the tunneling machine; Mechanical operators to do "three understand" understand the structure, understand the principle, understand the performance; The "four skills" can use, maintain, check and troubleshoot.

2.Maintenance: the implementation of regular mechanical roadheader is the key to extend the life of machinery. Construction units on the maintenance of machinery has a lot of clear provisions, but many construction units to a tight schedule, the task is often ignored when heavy maintenance work, that machinery in normal operation, no fault, no need to stop for maintenance.


3. Repair aspects: repair aspects of the Rock Roadheader is an important part of extending the service life of mechanical equipment, the use of reasonable maintenance methods can effectively extend the service life of roadheader. In the maintenance process, can not fit the mechanical parts, which may damage the life of machinery, causing unnecessary economic losses.

The tunneling machine manufacturers introduce how to maintain the tunneling machine, because maintenance can eliminate mechanical hazards, if not timely maintenance, often make mechanical equipment appear big failure. Increase maintenance cost already so, delay project time limit again, want to use a machine correctly so strict executive safe technology operates a regulation.

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