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Pay Attention to the Following Matters When Cutting Coal Rock by Roadheader

Feb. 26 , 2019

When using the Hard Rock Roadheader to cut coal rock, you should pay attention to the following items:

(1) When the rock hardness is greater than the cutting capacity of the roadheader, the Road Header Machine should be stopped and other rock breaking measures should be taken.

Hard Rock Roadheader

(2) Grasp the machine propulsion speed according to the softness and hardness of coal rock, avoid the phenomenon of cutting motor overload or crushing scraper conveyor, etc., and put down the blade when cutting. If the amount of coal falling is too large and the overload occurs, the driver must immediately stop the machine and withdraw the boring machine for processing. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the power to avoid burning the motor or damaging the hydraulic motor.

(3) The cutting head must work under the condition of rotation to intercept the coal rock. The cutting head is not allowed to start with load, the propulsion speed should not be too large, and overload operation is prohibited.

(4) When the cutting head is in the lowest working position, it is forbidden to lift the blade. The distance between the cutting part and the shovel should not be less than 300 mm. It is strictly forbidden to touch the cutting head and the shovel. When cutting the upper coal rock, the picking net and the contact beam should be prevented.

(5) Always pay attention to clearing the bottom and cleaning the floating coal (rock) on both sides of the body. When sweeping the bottom, a knife should be pressed to avoid a hard ridge at the bottom to prevent the track from getting higher when the track is advanced.

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