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Safe Operation of the Rock Tunnel Boring Machine

Feb. 28 , 2019

Safe operation of the Rock Tunnel Boring Machine:

1. The driver should have a junior high school education or above, love his job, and have a strong sense of responsibility. After special training and passing the examination, he can be employed and certified.

2. The driver must be familiar with the structure, performance and operating principle of the Roadheader Machine, be able to operate the machine accurately and skillfully, and understand the general maintenance and troubleshooting knowledge of the equipment.

3. The driver must insist on using all the safety locks and protection devices on the roadheader. It is not allowed to modify or smash it. It is not possible to adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system and various parts of the atomization system at will.

4. The operating handles, buttons, indicating instruments, etc. of various electrical equipment control switches should be properly protected against damage or loss.

5. In addition to skilled operation of the machine, the machine should be routinely inspected and maintained. When it is found that the roadheader is faulty, it should actively cooperate with the maintenance personnel for processing. If it cannot be processed, it should report to the district team or the dispatching room immediately.

6. Must be equipped with two drivers, the driver is responsible for the operation, and the assistant driver is responsible for the supervision. It is necessary to concentrate on the work, not to leave the job without authorization, and not to entrust undocumented personnel to operate.

Rock Tunnel Boring Machine

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