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How Does A Tunneling Machine Work?

Mar. 04 , 2019

Rock Tunnel Boring Machine is divided into open type roadheader and shield type roadheader. It is mainly composed of walking mechanism, working mechanism, loading mechanism and transferring mechanism. As the walking mechanism advances, the cutting head in the working mechanism continuously breaks the rock and carries away the broken rock. To appreciate the violent beauty of a giant tunneling machine.

Structure: it is a kind of new and advanced tunnel construction machinery, which USES the rotary cutting tool to excavate, and at the same time breaks the surrounding rock and tunneling in the tunnel to form the whole tunnel section.

Two types of Mining  Roadheader: tunnel boring machine includes shield and TBM. Generally speaking, in Europe, the shield is also known as TBM; However, in Japan and China, tunneling machines used for soft soil layer are traditionally called shield tunneling machines, and tunneling machines used for rock layer are called TBM. In fact, TBM is the abbreviation of "Tunnel Boring Machine" in English, but in the common definition, TBM refers to the full-section rock Tunnel Boring Machine, which takes rock strata as the tunneling object. The main difference between TBM and shield is that it does not have the function of maintaining palmface stability such as mud water pressure and soil pressure.

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