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Method for Disassembling Various Components of Roadheader

Mar. 12 , 2019

What are the operations of Rock Tunneling Boring Machine manufacturers for underground construction and dismantling?

Specific disassembly methods for each component:

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(1) Disassembly method of the first conveyor: First, the chain is loosened by the tensioning device, the chain is taken apart from the appropriate connecting ring, and taken out from the rear of the chute. Then, the bolts connecting the tensioning device, the driving device and the chute are respectively unloaded, and the tensioning device and the driving device are removed.

(2) In the case where the cutting head is grounded, the pin that connects the lifting cylinder to one end of the cutting arm is first removed. After lifting the cutting portion with the 10T chain hoist, the end of the lifting cylinder connected to the rotary table is removed, and finally the pin connecting the cutting arm and the rotary table is removed. Under the lifting of the 10T chain hoist, the cutting section is mounted on the prepared flatbed.

When the front end of the blade is in full contact with the floor or the skid, the cylinder for lifting the blade is removed. Then, after lifting the blade with a wire rope, the blade is connected to the frame of the body portion and the pin is removed. Finally, remove the two sides of the blade. Under the lifting of the 5T chain hoist, the shovel is mounted on the prepared flatbed.

The method of disassembling the running portion first disassembles the running portion on one side, and then disassembles the running portion on the other side. Use a track or wooden pier under the track to prevent it from falling over when disassembling. The bolts connecting the walking portion and the body portion are unloaded, and then the track shoes at both ends of the running portion are tied with a wire rope for lifting. Under the lifting of the 10T chain hoist, the walking part is mounted on a flatbed prepared in advance.

The roadheader from Roadheader Supplier must be disconnected from the power supply before disassembly. Personnel engaged in dismantling and demolition must be familiar with the structure, performance and components of the roadheader, learn more about the important joints, listen to the command of the commander, and do not blindly disassemble.

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