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Some Information About Cantilever Tunneling Machine

Oct. 31 , 2019

Cantilever tunneling machine is a combined unit capable of cutting, loading, transporting, self-propelling and spray dedusting. With the rapid development of the comprehensive mining mechanization in the working face, the requirement of the tunneling speed in the coal mine is higher and higher. In order to improve the speed of mining roadway, the cantilever roadheader has been vigorously developed and gradually developed.

cantilever tunneling machine

At present, the driving technology will continue to develop in five directions: drilling and blasting rock driving, cantilevered driving machine, continuous shearer, combined driving and anchoring unit and full face driving machine. In the driving of all hard rock roadway, drilling and blasting rock driving will still be a main way for a long time, but in some important areas, the full face driving opportunity will gradually replace drilling and blasting rock driving; in the low hardness all rock roadway and half coal rock roadway, the cantilever driving machine will be greatly developed and gradually become the main driving mode; in some conditions, the appropriate coal tunnel driving Among them, the continuous coal mining and the combined unit of digging and anchoring with high driving efficiency will be popularized and applied.

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