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How Much Do You Know About Cantilevered Roadheader?

Nov. 05 , 2019

We are Cantilevered roadheader supplier. Do you know something about Cantilevered roadheader?

Cantilevered roadheader should realize the functions of stripping coal rock, loading and unloading, moving and moving the machine itself, and spraying and dedusting, etc., that is, cutting, loading, transporting and walking. It is mainly composed of cutting mechanism, loading mechanism, transportation mechanism, traveling mechanism, frame and rotary table, hydraulic system, electrical system, cooling and dust removal water supply system and operation control system. Among them, the cutting arm, rotary table, slag loading plate, conveyor, transfer machine, crawler, etc. are the main working mechanisms.

Characteristics of cantilever roadheader:

1. Cantilevered roadheader can only cut part of the roadway section. In order to break the whole section of rock, it is necessary to move the cutting head continuously up, down, left and right for many times to complete the work. It can be used for tunnels of any section shape.

2. The driving speed is greatly affected by the utilization rate of the roadheader, which can reach about 60% under the optimal conditions. However, if the rock needs support or other auxiliary work cannot keep up, the utilization rate is lower.

3. It has some same advantages as full face roadheader: continuous excavation, no blasting vibration, more free to determine the appropriate time to support rock; it can reduce over excavation; it can save the cost of rock support and lining.

4. Compared with the full face TBM, the cantilever TBM is small and flexible in the tunnel and can be used for any support type.

5. Compared with full face roadheader, it has the characteristics of less investment, shorter construction preparation time and higher reusability.

The external dimension of the working mechanism is small, and each important part has accessibility, which is convenient for maintenance and support operation.

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