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The problems that the roadheader is prone to when it is being maintained underground!

Jul. 05 , 2019

System temperature rise is too high. 

Rock tunnel boring machine supplier shares that in the process of downhole service, it is often found that when the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is above 70℃, the driver of the tunneling machine does not inquire about the cause of the excessive temperature rise, but continues to turn on the China rock tunnel boring machine, leading to serious performance reduction of all parts of the hydraulic system, and the service life of hydraulic parts is greatly shortened.

Suggestion: when the system temperature rise is too high, should stop the China rock tunnel boring machine in time to find out the reason. The main reason for high temperature rise is insufficient cooling water flow. One of the main reasons for insufficient flow is not open cooling water or less open; Second, the downhole water quality is too poor, resulting in serious corrosion in the cooler, snake tube, leading to blocked waterways, affecting the cooling effect. Excessive temperature reduces hydraulic oil viscosity, volume efficiency, lubricating oil film thinning, mechanical wear aggravation, leading to leakage. High oil temperature will also cause accelerated aging of seals, reducing sealing efficiency, leading to seal failure. Therefore, it should be timely handled according to different reasons.

The oil level is not in place. 

During downhole service, it is often found that the oil level in the oil tank is not in place, leading to insufficient flow and pressure in the whole hydraulic system. In serious cases, oil pump suction accidents may even occur, resulting in oil pump damage and huge waste.

EBZ200A, EBZ200H Rock Tunneling Machine

Recommendation: when the oil level of the China rock tunnel boring machine is found in place, should immediately stop refueling. Also note that you should not overfill your tank. Such as over filling will cause hydraulic oil heating too fast, return oil pressure is too large. Causes the hydraulic oil to accelerate the aging deterioration, long-term so will shorten the service life of hydraulic components, the cooler is easy to damage oil leakage.

Brutal construction. 

Downhole service process, often find that when the whole rock or half coal rock strata, rock hardness more than machine can cut hardness, part of the district team is not out of machine gun vibration, but with the hard cutting machine, China rock tunnel boring machine caused serious overload operation, appear even jumping phenomenon, on the whole machine hydraulic system and mechanical parts are causing serious damage.

Suggestion: when encountering the whole rock or half coal rock working face, choose whether to quit the China rock tunnel boring machine according to the specific hardness of the working face rock. If the hardness is higher than the cutting hardness of the tunneling machine, quit the tunneling machine and use the China rock tunnel boring machine after firing the vibration gun.

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