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Development of Tunnel Boring Machines in China

Jan. 06 , 2020

Tunnel boring machine is a kind of highly intelligent, major mechanical equipment for tunnel construction that integrates machine, electricity, liquid, light and computer technology. In 2017, the sales volume of China's full-section tunnelling reached 645 units, and the sales volume increased by 66% year-on-year. China's full-section tunnel boring machine sales increased by about 15% in 2018, and sales are expected to reach 742 units.

Tunneling Roadheader Machine

Tunneling Roadheader Machine

The advantages of tunnel boring machine construction are obvious: China tunneling roadheader machine is a comprehensive equipment for continuous operation by mechanically crushing rock, tapping and supporting. For full-face tunnel boring machine, including shield and TBM. Generally speaking, in Europe, shield tunneling is also called TBM; however, in Japan and China, tunnel boring machines for soft soil layers are conventionally called shield tunneling machines, and tunnel boring machines for rocky soil layers are called TBMs.

Since the 1950s, full-section tunnel boring machines have been widely used in the construction industry. When the tunnel is too long, the conventional construction method requires a considerable period of time. When the tunnel boring machine is used, it has fast boring speed and mechanized construction It has the advantages of safe operation, good conditions for tunnel formation, low vibration and noise without disturbing people, and flat excavation surface.

The downstream application market has a broad application prospect:

Tunnel boring machine is a kind of highly intelligent, major mechanical equipment for tunnel construction that integrates machine, electricity, liquid, light and computer technology. In developed countries, the use of tunnel boring machines has accounted for more than 90% of the total number of tunnels.

With the continuous development of urbanization, the construction of infrastructure such as sponge cities, urban rails, and civil defense projects has been further promoted. The demand for space excavation and development in China's river crossing tunnels, subway tunnels, highway tunnels, and railway tunnels has grown rapidly.

The technical development trend of tunnel boring machines, china rock roadheader supplier believes that it is mainly reflected in the following aspects,

(1) Serialization and standardization. The design and manufacturing cycle of comprehensive tunneling equipment is shortened, and the after-sales service and maintenance of the equipment are more convenient. The current design and manufacturing cycle is generally 8-10 months.

(2) The basic performance is improved, and the tool load capacity, cutter head thrust, speed and torque, effective tunneling ratio, and tunneling speed are significantly improved.

(3) Diversified forms. The tunnel boring machine has a larger section diameter range, which can adapt to various sections of tunnel boring; oval, rectangular, horseshoe-shaped, double-warm and tri-circular shaped boring machines have also gradually appeared and developed.

(4) The scope of application is increased, and the geological adaptability is enhanced.

(5) Improved construction technology. In terms of village building technology, the current tunnel boring machine segment lining has problems such as many joints and large misalignment. Although the misalignment is largely restricted by the addition of auxiliary parts such as guide rods and connecting pins, the joint problems are very The difficulty is fundamentally resolved.

(6) The degree of autonomy is improved. At present, people can control the operation of the roadheader in the office. It can be predicted that the tunnel boring machine in the future can truly "operate in the curtain and be better than thousands of miles away" and paperless operation.

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