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How to check and maintain the roadheader?

Sep. 06 , 2019

The China cantilever tunneling machine is a large boring machine that cuts rock and forms a designed sectional shape by using a cutting device mounted on a tiltable and swiveling cantilever. The cantilever type roadheader is capable of cutting, loading and transporting coal rock, and can perform functions such as spray dust reduction on its own. Some of them also have support functions. The tunneling equipment for mechanically breaking coal rock is the mine mechanized excavation mechanization system. Main equipment. The cantilever roadheader mainly cuts the rock by the cutting head on the cantilever. Due to the limitations of the machine itself, the cantilever roadheader is mainly used for rock formations with moderate hardness and roadways or tunnels with moderate section height. The section of coal mine roadway is generally not very large. The strength of coal-bearing strata is relatively low. It plays an increasingly important role in mine shafts, tunnels and underground engineering excavation, so it is used more.

The rock tunnel boring machine for coal is mostly rolling full-face roadheaders, suitable for medium-hard rock to hard rock. Milling and cutting machine is suitable for coal seams and soft rock. Under the action of the axial pressure of the propulsion cylinder, the motor drives the hob to rotate, crushing and crushing the rock, and there is a bucket around it, which is discharged onto the conveyor belt with the rotation. Hard rock does not need support, and soft rock supports can be sprayed, poured concrete or assembled with prefabricated blocks. The machine is used when the lithology is uniform and the roadway exceeds a certain length, which is economical and reasonable.

 Rock Tunnel Boring Machine For Coal

EBZ160B Rock Tunneling Boring Machine

The tunnel boring machine is a kind of high-intelligence, large-scale technical equipment for tunnel construction integrating machine, electricity, liquid, light and computer technology. In developed countries, the use of tunnel boring machines has accounted for more than 90% of the total number of tunnels.

The use of roadheaders is inseparable from the usual maintenance. Only the maintenance is in place to make the life of the cantilever roadheader longer. In order to extend the service life of the cantilever roadheader, improve work efficiency and reduce downtime, we can maintain it from the following aspects:

(1) Check the oil level of all the reducers of the roadheader.

(2) Check the oil level of the cantilever tunneling machine tank.

(3) Fill the machine with the cantilever type lubrication chart.

(4) Check the cutting head pick to ensure that there are no missing teeth or wear, and that it must be replaced when it is found to be missing or worn.

(5) Check the scraper chain to ensure that the elastic is suitable, the scraper is not lost, and tighten the anti-loose nut to prevent the scraper from loosening.

(6) Check the working pressure of the hydraulic system of the roadheader.

(7) Check if the road of the is leaking.

(8) Check the vent hole of the boring machine cutting reducer, if it is blocked, it should be cleaned.

(9) Check the working condition of the water atomizing device of the roadheader, including a. Check whether the nozzle is damaged or blocked, and if necessary, clean the nozzle; b. Check the working pressure; c. Check and clean the spray system filter.

(10) Clean the heat sink of the cutting machine cutting motor.

(11) Check the trailing cable of the roadheader for damage and ensure that it can be freely towed behind the machine.

(12) For a closed loop cooling system, check the water level of the cooling water to ensure that the cooling water is circulating normally.

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