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What Are The Latest Welding Technologies For Bulldozer Parts?

Jan. 13 , 2020

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 Welding process of bulldozer structural parts

(1) Current status of welding process: The bulldozer structural parts are welded by heavy plate and cast steel, mainly including the main frame and rear axle box, trolley frame, blade, push rod and ripper, etc. weight. At present, hydraulic tooling pairs are used, and the pairing accuracy is high, but for small batch products such as "new special", in order to respond to the market in time, a three-dimensional flexible platform pairing is used. The application of special welding machine and robotic argon-rich gas shielded welding technology not only reduces the labor intensity, but also the quality of the weld is good, the spatter is small, the shape is beautiful, and the anti-spatter agent welding is achieved.

During the welding process, ER50-6 / G barrel or panned copper-plated solid cored welding wire is used. The mechanical properties of the joint are shown in Table 1. In order to reduce the pollution of welding fume to the environment, local and overall dust removal is used to ensure the effective collection and treatment of welding fume, which improves the production environment of the workshop.

The application of special welding machines improves the quality and efficiency of welding and improves the labor intensity of workers. Semi-automatic welding equipment, such as welding trolleys and profiling twin wire welding machines, have good adaptability to long straight welds, the number of joints is significantly reduced, the welds are uniform and beautiful, and the structural strength is high. The welding positioner replaces the traditional "ground spreader welding", which can effectively avoid the waiting time of driving and the scratch of the workpiece. Therefore, the welding mode of the welding robot plus the positioner realizes welding in all positions of the welding seam, and achieves the purpose of multiple machines per person and improving production efficiency.

(2) Intelligent logistics system: With the concept of "Made in China 2025", the demand for automated production models and modern and intelligent logistics transportation in the manufacturing industry is increasing. The traditional point-to-point production mode, relying on forklifts and trucks to transport materials, takes up a lot of human resources and equipment, which is not conducive to mass production. AGV trolley and RGV trolley, as one of the key equipments of modern and intelligent logistics transportation and storage system, can realize the automation of material transfer. From group butt welding to shot blasting and painting, according to the production cycle, AGV trolley automatically distributes the materials, the RGV trolley shuttles between the stations according to the set program to achieve continuous production line production.

What Are The Latest Welding Technologies For Bulldozer Parts?

Bulldozer Parts

2. Prospects for the application of new materials and processes

With the development of welding technology, the welding of bulldozer parts has gradually changed from electrode arc welding and artificial CO2 gas shielded welding to robotic argon rich gas shielded welding, which has greatly improved production efficiency. The introduction and application of new welding materials and new welding technology will further promote the reduction of the production cost of bulldozer structural parts, improve the production environment, enable enterprises to advance with the times in the fierce market competition, and continue to achieve leapfrog development.

(1) New welding materials: With the development of high-efficiency, low-cost, and high-quality welding production, the proportion of flux-cored wires in welding materials is increasing. During welding, it is protected by the protective gas and the flux core. The welding has less spatter and the weld is well formed, which greatly reduces the time for removing the spatter and repairing the surface of the weld.

In addition, metal powder cored wire, as a kind of flux cored wire, generally works in a short circuit state, which can achieve higher welding speed and better welding performance than solid cored wire. The larger the current density is, the higher the deposition rate is, and it is not easy to burn through under large currents. It can better soak the solder feet and smoothly adapt to the groove group pair with dimensional deviation. Because it has fewer protective components and less welding slag, it can achieve continuous welding without slag removal, further saving a lot of grinding man-hours.

Multi-strand composite welding wire is a new type of melting electrode welding material, which greatly improves the welding efficiency and joint performance of melting electrode arc welding, and especially provides a new concept of a new type of high-quality and efficient automated welding production. Welding materials. The welding arc is a continuous rotating arc. The molten pool is stirred in real time, and the spatters cancel each other out to form a nearly spatter-free welding process. The welding fume is reduced by more than 60%. By adjusting the structure and shape of the multi-strand composite welding wire, 2.5m / min high-speed welding can be achieved.

(2) Double wire welding process: single wire welding of medium and thick plates is changed to double wire welding, and the deposition rate can be more than doubled. The traditional twin wire welding is divided into cooperative twin wire welding and hot twin wire welding. The hot twin wire welding process is used to fill the weld seam from the arc using the heat generated by the leading arc. The heat input is lower and the two arcs are eliminated to the greatest extent possible. The mutual influence between them ensures the stability of the welding arc, so that the welding spatter is less and the weld seam is formed well.

The high deposition double wire welding process effectively solves the problem of excessive investment costs of traditional double wire welding. A wider arc is formed at the tip of the two wires. It is easier to maintain stability and manage a larger weld pool. The two wires are more stable. Between the liquid bridges to the molten pool. The welding deposition rate is 7 ~ 12kg / h, which can increase the deposition rate by 50% compared with single wire welding, and the cost is greatly reduced compared with ordinary double wire welding.

(3) When the thickness of deep groove narrow gap / ultra narrow gap welding bulldozer structural parts is more than 30mm, a cutting robot is usually arranged to open the groove, and the welding robot is multi-layered and multi-pass welded. low. The advanced welding technology developed at present is deep groove narrow gap / ultra narrow gap welding. Ultra narrow gap water-cooled MAG welding torch is used to achieve high efficiency, high quality and low cost welding, and the cost is reduced by about 80%.

(4) Automatic welding equipment: The application of automated equipment is conducive to improving product quality stability, reducing labor intensity and increasing production capacity. Welding automation equipment includes welding positioners, welding robots, etc. The point-to-point group welding is arranged into a continuous production line through automation system integration, which is more suitable for large-scale high-efficiency production, realizes one person with multiple machines, and reduces labor costs.

(5) Welding software application: Single-function welding machine realizes welding data collection and analysis through network and built-in software, welding parameter detection and monitoring, combined with human-machine interactive linkage welding positioner, more precise control of welding process, making welding Special processes are traceable and product quality is more guaranteed.

Compared with traditional paper welding operation instructions, through continuous visual welding measurement and verification, easy-to-understand graphic interface, guide the operator step by step, clearly define each step and locate each welding position, which will make the manufacturing process more For high efficiency, high quality, energy saving and environmental protection, while improving the labor intensity of welders.

3. Conclusion

With the development of bulldozer transmission structure from hydraulic and mechanical to full hydraulic mode, modular assembly reduces the cost of the product and improves the interchangeability of the product. The requirements for welded structural parts are getting higher and higher. In terms of product performance, the "high-performance" welding structure, light structure, and the need to improve welding load capacity and fatigue life, all make the welding process face a severe test, which will inevitably lead to the improvement and upgrade of the bulldozer welding process. China bulldozers supplier believes that keeping up with the times and vigorously developing new welding processes is an effective way for the construction machinery industry to continue to advance.

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