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The comprehensive analysis that affects the performance of roadheader

Jun. 28 , 2019

The comprehensive analysis that affects the performance of roadheader

The performance of rock tunnel boring machine for coal is the key to decide the fast tunneling, based on the existing achievements, the main factors affecting the performance of tunneling machine are analyzed synthetically, from the design, processing and manufacturing of tunneling machine.

1. Stability of machine operation. The operation stability of roadheader has great influence on its work efficiency and safety. To achieve the same stability as a horizontal roadheader, the weight of a vertical roadheader needs to increase by about 20%. During the operation of roadheader, some instability phenomena may occur, such as rolled-up, backward rolled-up, rotating along the vertical axis and sliding on the track. Increasing the weight of the fuselage can improve the stability of tunneling machine operation, but it will increase the cost on the one hand, and on the other hand make tunneling machine prone to sag in damp and low-lying environment. According to statistics, in the process of work, because the machine is not stable enough in the space position caused by the shutdown of 26%, because the motor crash caused by the shutdown of 20%. The stability of the roadheader directly affects the normal operation of other actuators, so it is of great significance to enhance the stability of the roadheader in order to improve its mechanical performance, enhance its working efficiency and reduce faults.

2. Action coordination of mucking loader for  rock tunneling mechanism. The loading mechanism is one of the main working mechanisms of the roadheader, whose function is to collect and rake the coal and rock falling from the cutting mechanism to the intermediate conveyor. The size of loading capacity depends on the choice of loading mechanism parameters, which directly determines the production capacity of the whole machine. Therefore, it is the premise to improve the performance of roadheader to improve the loading mechanism of roadheader.

EBH300(A) Rock Tunneling Boring Machine

3. Comprehensive factors of cutting head and teeth. Cutting gear is the key component of roadheader, and its material and manufacturing technology will have great influence on the performance of roadheader. With the extension of roadheader application, the requirement of cutting tooth hardness and fatigue strength is increasing. At present, most of the cutting teeth of domestic roadheader are made of hard alloy, such as 35crmnsia, which has great brittleness. Due to the complexity of geological conditions in rock strata, cutting teeth are required to have high hardness, good impact resistance and wear resistance, so as to ensure the stable working ability of the cutting machine when cutting quartz-rich rocks. Not only the material of the cutter is very important, but also the shape of the cutter and the arrangement of the cutter head can not be ignored. Picks are widely used because of their excellent self - sharpening and impact resistance. The arrangement of cutting head directly affects the stability and efficiency of the machine.

4. Power of roadheader. At present, the power of roadheader used in China is generally small, while the roadheader used in developed countries is generally 200kw -- 300kw, and the highest is close to 500kw. Small power is not conducive to cutting harder rocks and improving work efficiency. Therefore, China needs to strengthen the development of high-power roadheader. In order to give full play to the performance of roadheader, some reserve power must be reserved. From the development trend of tunneling machine at present, high-power tunneling machine is bound to become the main type of mine.

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