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What Regulations Should Be Observed When Using Roadheader?

Jul. 12 , 2019

Mining  Roadheader is a kind of cantilever tunneling machine which is integrating cutting, loading and traveling function, applicable to the coal or semi-coal tunnel.

(1) Before starting the machine, it can be started only when no one is in front of the shovel plate and near the cutting arm. When using remote control operation, the driver must be in a safe position. Alarm signals must be sent when starting, withdrawing and shunting. 

(2) during operation, the internal and external spraying devices should be used. The working pressure of the inner spray device should not be less than 2MPa, and the working pressure of the external spray device should not be less than 4MPa. 

(3) When the cutting section is in operation, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to stay and cross under the cutting arm, and for people to stand between the fuselage and the coal (rock) wall. 

(4) On the non-operating side of the equipment, emergency stop buttons must be installed (except for continuous shearers). 

(5) Headlights and taillights must be installed. 

(6) When the driver leaves the operating table, he must cut off the power supply.

(7) When stopping work and shifting, the cutting head must be landed on the ground and the power supply must be cut off.

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Mining  Roadheader

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