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Safe Operation Of EBZ100 Roadheader

Mar. 23 , 2019

Safe operation of EBZ100 roadheader:

Coal mining equipment is the largest market demand in China, the largest country, currently in service all rely on imports of anchor digger, in the construction of the import of anchor digger can not achieve synchronous excavation, support time accounted for more than two-thirds of the total tunneling time, resulting in a serious imbalance between coal mining and tunneling. So, what should we pay attention to with the EBZ100 Roadheader? Next, the anchor digger company gives us some tips on how to operate safely.

Before starting the machine, we should make a tour inspection in the first line to check whether the fasteners of the equipment meet the requirements. In addition, hydraulic system, valve set, cylinder, motor pipeline whether oil leakage. Check the electrical joint surface, whether the screws are complete fastening. Pull out the emergency stop button on the operating box and pull it to the normal position. Then turn the power switch on the operating box to the "on" position. When the fault detection switch in the electrical box is turned to the normal position, it will be ready for starting.

Before starting, first open the valve of the spray cooling system to ensure the normal operation of the system, and then press the button to make the motor micro-movement to determine whether its running direction is normal. After the signal alarms, make sure that no one is around the cutting section and body section of the Rock Tunneling Boring Machine before starting by the oil pump motor.


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