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How To Check The Failure Of Roadheader?

Apr. 04 , 2019

Cutter head of Roadheader: a rotary cutter head that can cut rock and allow the shield to advance;

Tunneling machine shield: in the rock, the shield can not only protect the safety of the construction personnel and mechanical equipment in the tunnel, but also contribute to the tunnel support.

Check the cutting head for missing or damaged teeth. If any, it should be added or replaced in time. Check whether the cutting tooth rotates in the socket. When replacing, lock the emergency stop button. Put the power supply handle in the stop position to prevent accidental operation and injury. The cutting tooth should be freely rotated in the tooth seat to prevent deviation. Different types of shield tunneling can adapt to different strata, and the general principle of shield tunneling selection is adaptability, so as to ensure the reliability, economy and speed of shield tunneling construction.

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The way to judge whether the driving shaft of the crawler reducer is broken or the planetary gear and bearing are damaged is to disassemble the crawler motor and judge the running performance of the motor. If the motor is intact, it indicates the internal fault of the crawler reducer.

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Or if the motor is found running, there is obvious noise inside the reducer, and the sound is not uniform, it can be concluded that the fault is the track reducer internal. The treatment method is to replace the track reducer; If one shaft of the reducer is damaged, the simple way is to replace only one shaft of the reducer.

The phenomenon that the crawler board or the supporting wheel is filled with sand and stone and hardened will lead to the increase of the crawler load and abnormal operation of the crawler. The treatment method is to remove the sand and gravel in the crawler board or supporting wheel, so that the crawler chain can operate freely.

The cutting head should rotate flexibly without crack or open welding. The cutter base is badly worn, which affects its strength or the deformation of the inner hole is too large, so it should be replaced when it is in use. Other parts of the cutting body shall not be damaged during the replacement process. For the box with strict requirements on coaxiality, tighten the screws step by step according to the diagonal sequence, and for the important connection bolts, the torque wrench shall be used according to the design requirements.

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