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Parts Of The Hydraulic System Of The Roadheader May Swell From Overheating

Apr. 09 , 2019

Machine parts of hydraulic system of the Roadheader in overheating and inflation, destroyed the original normal fit clearance, relative motion parts in friction resistance increases, the hydraulic valve easy card dead, at the same time, increase the lubricating oil film thinning, mechanical wear, resulting in pump, valve, motor and other precision fitting surface due to premature failure or scrap. Tunneling machine manufacturers take you to know more!

Degrades oil, produces oxide impurities, and blocks holes or gaps in hydraulic components to prevent them from working properly.

When the oil pipe is too slender and bent, which increases the resistance loss along the oil and increases the oil temperature, the pipe diameter should be increased to shorten the pipe and make the oil unobstructed.

                                                       Rock Roadheader

When the ambient temperature is too high to raise the oil temperature, heat insulation material and reflector plate should be used to isolate the system from the outside world.

The gap between the relative moving parts with different thermal expansion coefficient becomes smaller, or even gets stuck and cannot move.

As the walking mechanism advances, the cutting head of the Rock Roadheader in the working mechanism continuously breaks the rock and carries away the broken rock. To appreciate the violent beauty of a giant tunneling machine.

It is a kind of new and advanced tunnel construction machine, which USES the rotary cutter to excavate, at the same time breaks the surrounding rock and tunneling in the tunnel to form the whole tunnel section.

When working, the oil is supplied by the hydraulic pump station of the original comprehensive excavator, and the two-position three-way valve is pushed to make the hydraulic oil enter into the balance valve, supporting oil cylinder and folding oil cylinder through the diverging and collecting valve, so that the top frame is opened and raised. Promote the lifting cylinder to raise the main frame, through the multi-way reversing valve into the coordination of three sets of cylinder operation to make the top frame, the main frame to adjust to the required height, Angle and reach the required support force after stop.

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