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How should the roadheader machine treat coal rocks of different natures?

Oct. 14 , 2019

There are many models of the roadheader machine, but no matter what the model is, he is a kind of roadheader machine. How much do you have for the roadheader machine? Do you know what the boring machine is for? If you don't know, please see below, the rock tunneling boring machine supplier will answer your questions.

At present, the mainstream rock tunnel boring machine for coal mainly transmits electric power by hydraulically driven hydraulic pumps, which are driven by hydraulic pumps to drive hydraulic cylinders and motors. The cutting section often uses electric traction directly. The cutter head working mechanism of the roadheader machine is a cutter disc for cutting the rock layer in the whole section of the tunnel, and is divided into a plane hob and a spherical hob. There are dozens of hobs on the plate, which are arranged in the form of concentric shaft and planetary shaft. The cutter head working mechanism is separated from the other parts by a baffle. A spray device and a vacuuming device are arranged in front of the baffle for dust removal. Behind the baffle is a cab with sound insulation equipment, hydraulic control valve and laser guiding device to control the direction of the tunneling machine according to the design axis of the tunnel.

When tunneling, the motor drives the various transmission mechanisms to rotate the cutter disc of the working mechanism, and the hydraulic cylinder presses the hob against the rock wall of the working face. Under the axial propulsion force, the blades of all the hobs abut against the rock wall and continue to roll. At this time, the rock is broken by the crushing force of the blade, and the entire working face rock wall is drawn out of the concentric circle (or the hypocycloid). The grooves and the rock ring; at the same time, the lateral forces generated by the wedge faces on both sides of the hob squeeze the groove to shear the core ring. The falling sarcophagus is shoveled by several continuously rotating shovel buckets. When it is turned to the high position, it is unloaded into the receiving trough of the belt-type transfer machine and then transferred to the orbital mine car and transported out of the hole.

The roadheader machine will also encounter various kinds of coal rock in the work. How should the roadheader machine do when encountering coal rock of different nature?

According to the different properties of coal rock, the cutting method is determined. The specific method refers to the following ways:

(1) When digging into the semi-coal rock, the roadheader machine should cut the coal first, then cut the rock, that is, the procedure of soft and hard first.

(2) Under normal circumstances, the roadheader machine should start cutting from the lower part of the working face, first cutting the bottom back groove.

(3) The cutting must consider the bedding of coal and rock. The cutting head should move along the bedding direction of coal and should not cross the bedding.

(4) Cutting the whole coal, the roadheader machine should first brush the four sides and then crush the middle part.

(5) For hard coal, the roadheader machine adopts a top-down cutting program.

(6) For the more broken roof, the roadheader machine should adopt the method of staying around the coal or cutting the section.

What should the roadheader machine pay attention to when cutting coal?

1. If the hardness of the coal rock is greater than the cutting capacity of the roadheader machine, stop the roadheader machine and take other crushing methods.

2. According to the different hardness of coal rock, the progress of the roadheader machine can be controlled to avoid damage to the roadheader machine itself. This is also the main reason for the driver to learn about the problems that the roadheader machine should pay attention to when cutting coal rock. If the cutting head of the roadheader machine is working in a low place, do not lift the blade. Do not touch the shovel less than 300 mm, and do not touch the upper antenna.

3. If the height of the coal rock exceeds the height of the equipment gantry during the work of the roadheader machine, the working method of the roadheader machine cannot be taken. It must be manually or otherwise broken and then used to carry out the next step.

These are just a few of the different methods used in rock tunneling machine with cutting different coals. I hope to help everyone.


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