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The Repair Of The Roadheader After It Was Flooded

Apr. 13 , 2019

The Repair Of The Machine After It Was Flooded

Normal boot sequence: Roadheader Manufacturer tells you that when the higher power supply is normal, and the Roadheader machine front and left empty, the driver can play the machine isolation switch to current state, the work station on warnings to press the alarm button (about 10 seconds), start the oil pump motor, put down the support before and after the shovel board, raise the cutting head, open reprint machine, start the scraper conveyer, open raking claw, warning after open cutting machine, driving operations.

Fault phenomenon: sometimes the driver of roadheader works normally after closing the isolation switch; Sometimes there is no display screen display, oil pump motor directly start, press stop and emergency stop can not stop the strange phenomenon. And sometimes good, sometimes bad, performance is very unstable.

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Failure reason analysis: pressing the stop and emergency stop buttons can not stop the oil pump, which indicates that the oil pump is not controlled by the main controller. In addition, sometimes the display screen is not bright, indicating that the CPU of the main controller is not working at all. At this time, the oil pump motor will start by itself, indicating that it has no direct relationship with the main controller. Should be a single chip system output part of the problem; Plus the display sometimes doesn't light up; And the electrical system of the equipment has been immersed in water.

Remove and turn on PLC, remove CPU circuit board. Clean it with alcohol and brush, dry it in the sun, reinstall it and then try the Roadheader machine, and clean all other electrical components of the electric control box with cotton yarn dipped in alcohol. At this time, the display screen shows normal, the oil pump does not appear self-suction phenomenon, indicating that the display screen is sometimes not bright and the oil pump self-suction fault has been dealt with.

Demolition of CPU circuit board, through on-site inspection, the relay for sealed relay, volume is small, and multilayer circuit board, iron, such as taking electric will damage the relay can damage other components, so to borrow methods for processing of the road, adjacent to a free output relay control of the client and the damage of the control end of the output relay connected in parallel, also is to let the two output circuit with action, and the original transfer machine line change in this new output to the output terminal of relay.

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