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Roadheader market prospects

Oct. 22 , 2019

At present, China has become the world's largest roadhead manufacturing base and application market. With the rapid growth of domestic urban road traffic, railways, highways, water conservancy, municipal engineering and other construction projects, China's tunneling machinery has also ushered in rapid development. China's tunneling machinery industry has become a key support development industry in China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industries. Roadheader machines are widely used. 

China's roadheader market has a promising future, and its market demand is huge. We analyze it from two aspects: coal mine roadheader and tunnel roadheader:

First, the prospect of coal mining machine market

China is a large coal producing country with numerous coal mines of various sizes. With the rising prices of oil and natural gas and other energy sources, coal has become a popular domestic energy source, and the future demand will inevitably be huge, which will stimulate the rapid development of the coal mining industry. With the government's attention to the safety of coal mining, it is possible to gradually realize fully mechanized production in the future, which will inevitably further increase the demand for coal roadheaders.

Although the supply and demand of coal mine roadheaders in the 21st century is close to balance, if the prices of oil and gas are high, the market supply and demand of domestic coal roadheaders will continue to maintain the current level, plus the replacement of new and old equipment, so, domestic coal mines The market size of the aircraft is quite impressive.

It is expected that the domestic coal mine road boring machine market also has certain development potential, so the coal boring machine market still has a certain development space, but the extent to which the space can be achieved depends on the changes in the international and domestic energy patterns in the next few years. 

However, in general, the domestic coal roadheader market will maintain a slow growth in the next few years, but because China's coal mine roadheaders have strong competitive advantages in the international market, mainly low prices, in some developing countries such as neighboring countries and Africa. The coal-producing countries have strong competitiveness and can open up a certain market space. For domestic coal mine-boring machine manufacturers, this will be a key development opportunity and prospect.

Tunneling Machine

Second, the tunneling roadheader machine market prospects

China's light tunneling machine market is gradually shrinking, and the future development space is not very large, but the shield tunneling machine has a very promising development prospect.

First of all, China's urban construction requires a large number of shield machines, especially in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other places. It is necessary to build a large number of tunnel traffic projects. In addition, railway construction also requires a lot of shield machines. Therefore, the domestic shields will be in the next few years. The demand for the machine is still strong.

If we can increase the domestic self-sufficiency rate to 40%, the annual market scale of more than 1 billion yuan is quite considerable.

Moreover, the domestic shield technology is gradually improving, and the technology of developed countries is gradually narrowing the gap. Under the premise of close performance, the low price will inevitably have a considerable competitive advantage in the market. We are one of the roadheader factories in China, welcome contact to us.

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