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The hydraulic pump is a small precision mechanical tribology system

Aug. 15 , 2019

Hydraulic pump in hydraulic parts of roadheader is a small precision mechanical tribology system, shared the Rock Roadheader Supplier China.

Hydraulic pump in hydraulic parts of roadheader is a small precision mechanical tribology system. The main factors affecting the life of hydraulic pump (motor) are the fatigue strength of structural parts and the friction and wear of movement pair, especially the latter. The sport pair has each kind of bearing pair which USES in the pump, the plunger and the rotor movement pair, the rotor and distributes the oil dish movement pair, the plunger and the wear-resisting piece movement pair, the valve core and the valve sleeve movement pair.

On the fatigue life of bearing: according to the requirements of the pump structure, bearing for preliminary estimate life, regardless of the temperature, the machining error lead to additional lateral force, high speed work beat, impact factors, such as only consider radial or axial equivalent dynamic load bearing, pumps of the China rock tunnel boring machine used within the bearing life usually in 8, 000 ~ 90, 00 h. If the influence of temperature, deformation, lateral force and other factors is taken into account, the calculated life of the bearing needs to be further modified. The revised data show that the life of the bearing in the pump is about 5,000 ~ 7,000 h.

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To solve the problem of bearing life, it is necessary to select high-life bearing and make use of professional technical advantages of bearing to jointly carry out hydraulic pump bearing optimization. So that the bearing life can meet the main engine index requirements.

Through the motion calculation of several pairs of motion pairs in the pump, the necessary solid modeling and motion analysis are carried out by using relevant software tools. The more accurate motion relations and parameters can be obtained, which can make the design of friction pairs, motion pairs specific pressure, specific speed and specific work more reasonable and improve the reliability.

At present, the wear life of domestic hydraulic pumps is far lower than the fatigue life, the excessive wear of the key friction pair in the pump restricts the pump life. For the maintenance of shanxi tunneling machine, the friction and wear of pump internal friction pair is a very complex phenomenon, but the wear has a stage, the stable wear stage after the friction pair is worn in (that is, the flat line segment of the wear bathtub curve) has a certain regularity. In the scope of engineering application, the wear velocity is expressed as r=kpmVn(where r is the wear velocity; K is the wear resistance coefficient under a certain working condition; P and V are the pressure on the China rocking tunnel machine surface and the relative linear velocity; M is the coefficient 1 ~ 3; N is the coefficient, generally =1). Therefore, increasing the pump outlet pressure and speed will accelerate the wear and reduce the life of the pump, which indicates that there is an inverse relationship between the wear life and the acceleration stress. The stress of accelerated wear in pump also includes temperature, pollution degree, working frequency and other working conditions.

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