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Selection the construction conditions by test tunneling

Aug. 07 , 2019

Selection the construction conditions by test tunneling shared the rock tunnel boring machine supplier.

Through the test excavation, for the engineering geological condition analysis, can better choose the construction condition!

Through the analysis of engineering geological conditions, the construction conditions can be better selected and the construction methods under various geological conditions can be mastered.

Trial drivage can familify workers with operating procedures, such as piece assembly, gravel filling and backfill grouting, etc., which can not only improve the construction progress, but also better improve the construction quality.

The cable clips of the connecting devices of the electrical system of the rock roadheader should be complete and firm, and the cables should be hung neatly without damage or extrusion.

Hydraulic pipe, atomization system pipe joints should be no damage, leakage, protection device should be complete and reliable. Prepare the extended cables and water pipes along the working face, suspend them neatly, and drag the length of cables and water pipes behind the roadheader shall not exceed 10 meters.

Reducer, hydraulic tank oil level, oil amount should be appropriate, no leakage phenomenon, and according to the technical requirements of the machine oil, lubrication.

EBZ160B Rock Tunneling Boring Machine

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Transfer belt machine should be in good condition, complete idlers.

Cutting head cutting teeth, tooth seat should be intact, found that there are missing teeth or serious wear can not be used, should cut off the power of the rock tunneling machine with cutting, timely replacement.

Wear is to meet the requirements of cutting teeth, because in coal mining work, cutting teeth to dig coal mine, so there is inevitably friction when cutting, friction between a lot of, because coal mines will contain rocks, so cutting work is not easy. If the cutting teeth are not wear-resistant, how can the mining work be carried out normally?

The compressive

There is not only friction and pressure between the cutting teeth and the coal mine, according to the physics, the pressure of the equipment and the corresponding objects to give the pressure is the same, so the cutting teeth must have resistance to pressure, that is to ensure the hardness. In the maintenance of shanxi tunneling machine, if there is a problem with the hardness, the cutting teeth can not work, and can not guarantee the safety of the equipment, only to ensure its safety can better complete the mining work.

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