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[Roadheader supplier]How does the roadheader work?

Jun. 14 , 2019

How does the roadheader work?

The rock roadheader is divided into open roadheader and shield roadheader. It is mainly composed of walking mechanism, working mechanism, loading mechanism and transshipment mechanism. As the walking mechanism advances, the cutting head in the working mechanism continuously breaks the rock and carries away the broken rock. To enjoy the violent beauty of a giant tunnel boring machine.

Structure: it is a new and advanced tunnel construction machine, which is used to excavate with rotary cutter, break the surrounding rock and tunneling in the tunnel, and form the whole tunnel section.

The cutting head of the rock tunneling machine with cutting shall be flexible in rotation and shall not be cracked or welded. The truncation seat is severely worn, affecting its strength or inner hole deformation is too large, affecting the use should be replaced. Other parts of the cutting body shall not be damaged during the replacement process.

Telescopic cutting arm should be flexible and reliable; The telescopic distance shall meet the requirements of technical documents. When replacing the cutting teeth, the geometric position should be the same as that of the original design, and then special processes such as preheating or protective welding should be adopted to ensure the welding strength, and the tooth seat should have interchangeability.

Cutting tip shall not wear, the cutting body wear should be replaced.

For the box body with strict coaxiality requirement, tightening screws step by step according to diagonal order, and for important connection bolts, torque wrench should be used according to design requirements.

Remove or assemble gears and shafts without key interference connection, apply special tools and adopt special process.

rock tunneling machine with cutting

If the nozzle blockage should be repaired smooth, otherwise it should be replaced.

The welding and deformation of the spray frame should be repaired, and the channel should be protected during the repair to prevent the nozzle screw hole damage.

Bracket welding, deformation should be repaired to meet the original design requirements.

The vulnerable parts and seals in the internal spray water distribution device should be replaced, and the sealing surface of the two metal parts should be completely replaced.

Cutting speed variable roadheader, transmission should be flexible, the handlebar fixed should be reliable.

Cutting arm retractable tunneling machine, its sliding surface shall not be corroded or damaged, expansion and contraction shall be flexible, expansion and contraction quantity shall meet the design requirements, shall not have crawling action.

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