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[Roadheader for sale]The cutting head of the roadheader should be rotated flexibly

May. 27 , 2019

The rock roadheader supplier should check the cutting head for missing or damaged teeth. If any, it should be added or replaced in time. Check whether the cutting tooth rotates in the socket. When replacing, lock the emergency stop button.

The cutting head should rotate flexibly without crack or open welding. The cutter base is badly worn, which affects its strength or the deformation of the inner hole is too large, so it should be replaced when it is in use. Other parts of the cutting body shall not be damaged during the replacement process.

Put the power supply handle in the stop position to prevent accidental operation and injury. The cutting tooth should be freely rotated in the tooth seat to prevent deviation.

The system has the function of independent movement operation, which can be unfolded when the system is in use and can be folded when not in use, which reduces the supporting auxiliary time. It is organically combined with the comprehensive excavator and does not affect the various performance of the comprehensive excavator. It is simple and convenient to operate.

rock roadheader supplier

The cutting section of the roadheader working mechanism is mainly composed of cutting motor, reducer, cantilever section and cutting head. The cutting head is the direct part of the roadheader to break the rock, and the wear of the cutting tooth and the falling off of the tooth base are common problems in the construction. If this part is damaged, the coal and rock cannot be broken, and the whole machine will not work normally and the construction period will be delayed.

The roof is effectively applied with various initial bracing forces, and temporary support is carried out on the working face to prevent workers from working in the empty roof area and increase the safety of the staff in the anchor protection.

The hydraulic system of roadheader is composed of hydraulic pump station, cutting head lifting hydraulic cylinder, scraper hydraulic cylinder and so on.

The speed of roadheader operation has nothing to do with the pressure, but the speed of operation is related to the flow rate.

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