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How To Maintain The Roadheader?

May. 22 , 2019

Rock tunnel boring machine supplier shares that correct maintenance of equipment must be done to debug properly, in order to make the lubrication fully adjusted correct maintenance of equipment in order to its longer service life, overhaul interval cycle longer operation efficiency is higher. Take a look at the maintenance and maintenance points mentioned in the tunneling machine overhaul below;

Preparation before commissioning of the hydraulic system: the main engine is in commissioning state, all parts of the main engine are well assembled without interference, and lubricating oil and gear oil are added. Before the commissioning of the hydraulic system, check whether the oil level in the oil tank reaches the middle of the oil level gauge, and adjust the safety valve pressure of the multiple valves and reversing valves in the system to the minimum. Ensure that the pilot control handle is flexible, the operating handle must be adjusted to the middle, the variable pump through the pump top drain port to fill the pump housing. The flow valve is adjusted to the small opening position to check the pump suction pipe and return pipe line of the pump.

Rock tunnel boring machine

Daily inspection of the daily maintenance and maintenance, when the telescopic part is found abnormal sound phenomenon should stop use, check the reasons for troubleshooting before use. In the process of work, when it is found that the telescopic protective cylinder is hot, it should be stopped and used after checking the causes and troubleshooting. Of course, the corresponding equipment can be used for detection, or it can be judged by touching the telescopic cylinder. Check whether there is oil leakage in the bearing seal. Each team should check the use of the sealing coil and replace it immediately if any damage is found.

In addition, the most important point for the rock tunneling boring machine maintenance is to regularly add gear oil and lithium - based grease mixture. The above points hope to have some help for you in need. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to our related information, if you have questions, you can contact us!

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