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At present, there are many kinds of roadheader,dozens of models

Apr. 16 , 2019

At present, there are many kinds of roadheader and dozens of models.

At present, Roadheader Manufacturers have a wide variety of roadheader, with dozens of models, but they are basically used in coal mines to achieve the development of roadway. Up to now, these large roadheader can realize the roadway excavation with coal rock hardness f=10. As the cutting part of the roadheader working mechanism, it is mainly composed of cutting motor, reducer, cantilever and cutting head.

The main phenomenon of tooth base falling off is that the whole tooth base falls off from the welding seam of cutting head body and the cutting head body is torn. Among them, the phenomenon of maternal tearing at the welding place of the cutting head body is rarely seen, which is a case. However, it is common for the tooth base to fall off from the welding seam. Some of the welding seams fall off together with the tooth base, and the welding position on the head body is as smooth as before. Some only the tooth base off, the weld is still connected to the head body, forming a socket.

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The wear of the cutting tooth is mainly generated in the process of breaking rock, which can be rotated in the tooth seat. However, due to the effect of rock powder and mud, the cutting tooth is stuck and unable to rotate, resulting in partial wear. Generally, the underground working time is 8 hours. In the production shift, the unit runs continuously. If the cutting tooth is biased, the tooth base will be worn and side wear will occur. The wear of two rounded corners at the top of the tooth base is common, mainly because the cutting tooth cannot cover these two points on the movement track and cannot play a protective role, resulting in the wear during the operation.

Rock Tunnel Boring Machine Manufacturer shares that based on the analysis of the failure of the cutting head body of roadheader, the crux of the related problems was found. The problem of tooth base falling off was solved by changing welding technology and reasonable heat treatment. The problem of fracture deformation of tooth base is solved by changing the structure of tooth base and carrying out necessary heat treatment.

Roadheader performance characteristics:

All electronic control equipment have obtained explosion proof inspection certificate;

The roadheader is provided with a starting alarm device and front and rear lights;

The transmission system of cutting mechanism and loading mechanism is provided with overload protection device;

The starting and stopping sequence is between the oil pump motor, cutting motor and secondary motor, and there is a locking device in the electric control system;

The hydraulic system is provided with filter device, pressure, oil temperature, oil level display and other protective devices;

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