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[rock roadheader supplier China]Hydraulic viscosity of roadheader

May. 10 , 2019

[rock roadheader supplier China]Hydraulic viscosity of roadheader

The hydraulic oil viscosity, volume efficiency and hydraulic system efficiency of the roadheader are decreased, and the leakage is increased, even making the mechanical equipment can not work normally. Roadheader manufacturers take you to understand the use of roadheader matters!

When the setting value of pressure control valve is too high, the working pressure should be reduced to reduce energy loss.

Due to the hydraulic pump and its connection leakage volume loss caused by heat, should tighten the connection, strengthen the seal;

When the tank capacity is small and the heat dissipation condition is poor, the tank capacity should be appropriately increased and cooler should be set when necessary.

Because the oil viscosity of the rock tunneling boring machine China is too high, so that internal friction increases and heating, should choose low viscosity hydraulic oil;

When the oil pipe is too slender and bent, which increases the resistance loss along the oil and increases the oil temperature, the pipe diameter should be increased to shorten the pipe and make the oil unobstructed.

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