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[Roadheader for sale]How to check the fault of roadheader?

May. 31 , 2019

How to check the fault of roadheader? Shared by the rock tunneling loader supplier.

Cutter head: a rotary cutter head that can cut rocks and allow the shield to move forward.

Tunneling machine shield: in rocks, the shield can not only protect the safety of the construction personnel and mechanical equipment in the tunnel, but also contribute to the tunnel support.

Check the cut head for missing or damaged teeth. If any, it should be added or replaced in time. Check whether the cutter is rotated in the socket. When replacing, lock the emergency stop button. Put the power supply hand in the stop position to prevent injury caused by wrong operation. The cutting teeth should rotate freely in the tooth base to prevent deviation from grinding. Different types of shield are suitable for different stratum ranges. The general principle of shield type selection is adaptability to ensure reliable, economical and rapid construction of shield method.

The way to judge the internal drive shaft fracture of the crawler reducer or the damage of the gear and bearing of planetary mechanism is to remove the crawler motor to judge the running performance of the motor. If the motor is intact, it indicates the internal fault of the crawler reducer.

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Or if it is found that there is obvious noise inside the reducer after the motor runs, and the sound is large and uneven, it can be concluded that it is the fault inside the crawler reducer. The treatment method is to replace the track reducer; If one shaft of reducer is damaged, simply replace one shaft of reducer.

This phenomenon will lead to the increase of track load and abnormal operation of track. The treatment method is to remove the sand and stone in the track plate or the supporting wheel, so that the track chain can run freely.

The cutting head shall be flexible in rotation and shall not be cracked or welded. The truncation seat is severely worn, affecting its strength or inner hole deformation is too large, affecting the use should be replaced. Other parts of the cutting body shall not be damaged during the replacement process. For the box body with strict coaxiality requirement, tightening screws step by step according to diagonal order, and for important connection bolts, torque wrench should be used according to design requirements.

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