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The common reason of hydraulic plunger pump of roadheader

Jul. 31 , 2019

The common reason of hydraulic plunger pump of roadheader shared by rock tunneling boring machine supplier.

Straight shaft swashplate plunger pump is divided into two types: pressure oil supply type and self-suction type. The pressure oil supply type hydraulic pump mostly USES the pressure oil tank, also has the hydraulic pump itself to provide the pressure oil to the hydraulic pump inlet. Self - suction hydraulic pump oil self - absorption ability is very strong, no external oil supply.

The hydraulic oil tank supplied by air pressure can not operate the machine until the hydraulic oil tank reaches the use air pressure after starting the machine every time. If the pressure of the hydraulic tank is not enough as the machine, will cause the phenomenon of pulling and sliding whip inside the hydraulic pump, will cause abnormal wear of the backstroke plate and pressing plate inside the pump.

Piston pump is the most important part of the bearing, if the bearing clearance, can not guarantee the normal clearance of three pairs of friction pairs inside the hydraulic pump, at the same time will destroy the friction pairs of hydrostatic support oil film thickness, reduce the service life of the piston pump bearing.

Disassembled bearing, no professional testing instrument is unable to detect the bearing clearance, can only use visual inspection, if the roller surface found scratches or discoloration, must be replaced.

 Rock Tunneling Boring Machine

In the replacement of the bearing, should pay attention to the original bearing English letters and model, plunger pump bearings are mostly large load capacity bearing, it is best to buy the original manufacturer, the original specifications of the product, if the replacement of another brand, should consult the bearing experienced personnel table replacement, the purpose is to maintain the accuracy of the bearing grade and load capacity.

The length of plunger pump service life, and the usual maintenance, hydraulic oil quantity and quality, oil cleanliness, etc. It is also an effective way to prolong the life of plunger pump to avoid the abrasion caused by particles in oil.

In maintenance replacement parts should try to use the original factory production parts, these parts are sometimes price is more expensive than other fake parts, but the quality and stability is better, if the purchase price cheap imitation parts, saving the cost seems to be in the short term, but it brings hidden trouble, may also use of plunger pump cause even more damage.

The efficiency of rock tunneling machine with cutting hydraulic system mainly depends on the volume efficiency of hydraulic pump. When the volume efficiency drops to 72%, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance, replace bearings and aging seals, and replace or repair the friction pair beyond the fit gap, so as to restore its performance.

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