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Don't know how to choose roadheader?Look for tunneling machine manufacturer

Apr. 20 , 2019

Don't know how to choose roadheader?Look for tunneling machine manufacturer

A lot of coal friends in continuous mining manufacturers in the emergence of a scratching head question "what type of coal mining machine? Faced with such a problem, Tunneling Machine For Coal Manufacturer according to the following points to easily choose your model.

First of all, the selection should take into account the coal seam occurrence conditions and production capacity, as well as with the conveyor and hydraulic support supporting requirements. Secondly, according to the selection of coal seam thickness, it can be divided into:

(1) extremely thin coal seam: thickness is less than 0.8m, the minimum cut-off height in 0.65-0.8m can only be used to climb the bottom.

(2) thin coal seam: when the thickness is 0.8-1.3m and the minimum cutting height is 0.75-0.90m, the riding trough type is selected.

(3) medium thick coal seam: the thickness is 1.3-3.5m, choose medium power or high power shearer.

(4) thick coal seam: the thickness is more than 3.5M, adapt to the large height of the shearer should have slant function, in order to adapt to the large height of the fully mechanized mining face geological relics mining conditions change. The shearer and the conveyor should have large block coal crushing device to ensure the normal work of the shearer and the conveyor.

Secondly, but also according to the nature of the roof and floor. The main influence roof management method and support equipment choice, unstable roof control top distance should be as small as possible, choose narrow fuselage shearer and can advance support support. The soft floor is supported and guided by the conveyor sliding planer, cantilever support type of floor climbing shearer, riding trough shearer and hydraulic support with lower contact pressure of the floor.

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