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[Tunneling machine manufacturer]Maintenance points for tunneling machine manufacturer

May. 14 , 2019

Maintenance points for tunneling machine manufacturer 

First, tunneling machine manufacturer points that must hold the valid certificate to mount guard to the roadheader work principle, the basic structure and the overhaul standard has certain understanding, carries on "four inspections" and the maintenance maintenance strictly according to the use maintenance instruction to the equipment; Do not change the filling regulations and oil changing cycle.

2. Before maintenance, cut off the power supply of the roadheader and check the surrounding roof, support, ventilation and gas. If special tools are needed to disassemble and repair parts, special tools must be used. Pressure relief should be carried out before replacing oil pipe to prevent oil pipe and pressure oil from hurting people.

Three, the tunneling machine manufacturer in the replacement of large should choose the lifting point and lifting appliances, find a good working space. When inspecting the bottom of the roadheader, firstly prop up the roadheader with the shovel plate and the rear supporting jack, and then put on the sleepers, and conduct the maintenance under the special supervision.

Rock Tunneling Boring Machine

The appearance of the rock tunnel boring machine shall be kept in good condition. Screws and washers shall be complete, fastened and sealed. When disassembling and installing hydraulic components, it shall be carried out in a dust-free state.

5. After the completion of maintenance, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the roadheader, and conduct test run and maintenance according to the factory acceptance standards.

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