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Introduction to roadheader technology

Apr. 29 , 2019

Introduction to roadheader technology

Tunneling machines, shield tunneling machines and TBM are all the same, all tunneling in full face. The technical development and application of these two kinds of equipment have a very broad prospect in the field of underground engineering in China. Tunneling machine manufacturers to give a brief introduction to the two kinds of equipment engineering;

TBM is a hard rock tunneling machine, generally used in mountain tunnels or large water diversion projects. Shield tunneling machine is a soft soil type tunneling machine, mainly used in urban subways and small pipelines. The applicable engineering is different. TBM is applicable to the tunneling machine for hard rock tunneling, and shield tunneling machine refers to the tunneling machine suitable for soft rock and soil. In addition, both tunneling, balance, support systems are not the same. TBM is more advanced and complex than shield technology.

However, some of the above statements are not true, because now with the continuous progress of technology, many hard rock TBM also adopt shield tunneling technology, and TBM is originally the meaning of tunneling machine, which is the confusion of academic development in reality.

EBZ260A Rock Tunneling Boring Machine

Hard rock TBM is suitable for hard rock tunneling in mountain tunnel, replacing the traditional drilling and blasting method. Under the same conditions, it has the advantages of fast, high quality, safety, economy, environmental protection and labor protection. In particular, the efficiency and speed can make the project completed in advance and create value in advance, which is of great significance to China's modernization.

Soft rock TBM is an advanced technology with high speed, good quality and high safety performance in urban subway construction. The zone tunnel constructed by shield tunneling machine can weakly disturb the soil, not affect the ground buildings and traffic, and reduce the large number of demolition above and below ground.

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