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Tunneling machine manufacturers analysis of each component disassembly method

Apr. 25 , 2019

What are the specific operations under the roadheader?

Tunneling machine manufacturers for underground construction dismantling operation what? We answer them one by one

1. Detailed disassembly methods of each component:

(1) the first conveyor disassembly method: first, through the tensioning device to loosen the chain, from the appropriate link ring to open the chain, from the back of the chute. Then, the bolts connecting the tensioning device, driving device and chute are removed respectively, and the tensioning device and driving device are removed.

(2) in the case of cutting head landing, first remove the lifting cylinder and cutting arm end of the pin shaft. After hoisting the cutting part with a 10T hand hoist, remove one end of the lifting oil cylinder that is connected to the rotary table, and finally remove the pin shaft that is connected to the cutting arm and the rotary table. Under the lifting of 10T hand hoist, the cutting part is installed on the prepared flat car.

2. In the front end of the spade plate and the ground or pad wood in full contact with the case, remove the oil cylinder used for lifting the spade plate. Then, after hoisting the spatula with a wire rope, remove the connecting pin shaft between the spatula and the frame of the body part. Finally, remove the spatulas on both sides. Under the lifting of the 5T hand hoist, install the shovel plate on the prepared flat car.

Tunneling machine

3. The walking part on one side is disassembled, and the walking part on the other side is disassembled. The track below the use of ballast wood or wooden pier dunnage, to prevent the dismantling of the deflection. Unload the bolt connecting the running part and the body part, and then tie the crawler board at both ends of the running part with a wire rope for lifting. Under the lifting of 10T hand hoist, install the walking part on the prepared flat car.

The power supply of the roadheader must be cut off before operation and disassembly. The personnel engaged in the disintegration and disassembly must be familiar with the structure, performance and components of the roadheader, understand the important connection parts in detail, follow the command of the person in charge of the command, not blindly arbitrarily disassembly.

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