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What are the daily maintenance measures for roadheader?

Aug. 03 , 2019

What are the daily maintenance measures for roadheader? Shared by rock tunnel boring machine supplier.

Rock tunnel boring machine is a kind of machinery to dig straight underground roadway, which is mainly composed of walking mechanism, working mechanism, loading mechanism and transfer mechanism. As the walking mechanism progresses, the cutting head in the working mechanism continuously breaks the rock and takes away the broken rock. Coal mine equipment is a country with a large market demand in China. Currently, all in service rely on tunneling machines. In the construction process, it is impossible to realize synchronous excavation by stone-coal tunneling machines, and the supporting time accounts for more than two-thirds of the total length of the tunnel. Mining time is too long, resulting in serious imbalance between coal mining and tunnel construction. Roadheader manufacturer's advice on daily life maintenance:

Before starting the rock tunneling machine with cutting, we should make a circuit inspection on one line to check whether the fasteners of the equipment meet the requirements. In addition, hydraulic system, valve group, cylinder, motor pipeline oil leakage. Check the surface of the electrical connector for complete fastening of screws. Pull the emergency stop button out of the box and pull it to its normal position. Then turn the power switch on the box to the "on" position. When the fault detection switch in the electrical box is turned to the normal position, it can be started.

EBZ200A, EBZ200H Rock Tunneling Machine

Rock Tuneling Machine

Before starting, first open the valve of the spray cooling system to ensure the normal operation of the system, and then press the button to make the motor move to determine whether its running direction is normal. After the signal alarm, ensure that no one is around the cutting section and main section of the rock tunnel drilling machine before starting with the oil pump motor.

The maintenance of roadheader is an important part of prolonging the service life of mechanical equipment. In the maintenance process, can not cooperate with the mechanical parts, may damage the mechanical life, causing unnecessary economic losses.

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