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Regular maintenance is the key to extend the life of roadheader

Aug. 26 , 2019

Regular maintenance is the key to extend the life of roadheader shared by roadheader factory.

In terms of maintenance, it is the key to extend the mechanical life to carry out regular roadheader. Construction units on the maintenance of machinery has a lot of clear provisions, but many construction units to a tight schedule, heavy task often ignore the maintenance work, that the machinery in normal operation, no fault, no need to stop for maintenance. Because the maintenance can eliminate the hidden danger of machinery, if not timely maintenance, often make mechanical equipment appear big fault. This increases maintenance costs and delays the construction period.

When replacing the cutting teeth, the geometric position should be the same as that of the original design, and then special processes such as preheating or protective welding should be adopted to ensure the welding strength, and the tooth seat should have interchangeability. For the box body with strict coaxiality requirement, tightening screws step by step according to diagonal order, and for important connection bolts, torque wrench should be used according to design requirements.

EBH260A Boom-Type Rock Tunneling Machine

EBH260A Boom-Type Rock Tunneling Machine

Maintenance is an important part of prolonging the service life of mechanical equipment.

The cutting head of the mining rock tunneling machine shall be flexible in rotation and shall not be cracked or welded. The truncation seat is severely worn, affecting its strength or inner hole deformation is too large, affecting the use should be replaced. Other parts of the cutting body shall not be damaged during the replacement process. Telescopic cutting arm should be flexible and reliable; The telescopic distance shall meet the requirements of technical documents.

Stability of machine operation. The operation stability of roadheader has great influence on its work efficiency and safety. To achieve the same stability as a horizontal roadheader, the weight of a vertical roadheader needs to increase by about 20%. During the operation of roadheader, some instability phenomena may occur, such as rolled-up, backward rolled-up, rotating along the vertical axis and sliding on the track. Increasing the weight of the fuselage can improve the stability of tunneling machine operation, but it will increase the cost on the one hand, and on the other hand make tunneling machine prone to sag in damp and low-lying environment.

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