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Many types of roadheader! How much do you know!

May. 07 , 2019

There are many types of tunneling machines: ordinary machines and tunneling machines. According to the working mode, it is divided into open type roadheader and shield type roadheader. Tunneling machine manufacturers take you to know more!

Tunneling and mining is an important production link in coal mine production. The rapid tunneling of coal mine roadway is the key technical measure to ensure high and stable yield of coal mine. The level of mining technology and equipment is directly related to the capacity and safety of coal mine production. Mechanized tunneling and support technology is the necessary condition to ensure high yield of mine and the development direction of roadway tunneling technology.

All handles and buttons should be complete, flexible and reliable.

tunneling machines

Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic system, safety protection device should be normal and reliable, parts should be intact, all parts of the connection screws should be complete, tight.

Cable clips of connection devices of electrical system should be complete and firm, cable hanging neatly, without damage or extrusion.

Joints of hydraulic piping and atomizing system piping shall be free from damage and leakage, and protective devices shall be complete and reliable. Prepare the extension cables and water pipes along the working face, hang them neatly, and the length of the cables and water pipes behind the roadheader should not exceed 10 meters.

The tunneling machine is a kind of comprehensive equipment for continuous operation with mechanical rock breaking, ballasting and supporting. According to the cutting process of the roadheader on the working face, it is divided into full section roadheader and partial section roadheader. According to the principle of rock breaking, and can be divided into rolling type (disk hob) boring machine and milling type boring machine.

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