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How does Tunneling Roadheader Machine Work?

Jun. 20 , 2019

  The Tunneling Roadheader Machine is a comprehensive equipment for continuous operation by mechanically breaking rock, exiting and supporting. It is a new type of advanced tunnel construction machinery that uses the rotary cutter to excavate and simultaneously break the surrounding rock and excavate the tunnel to form the entire tunnel section.

  The Tunneling Roadheader Machine is divided into an open tunneling machine and a shield tunneling machine. It is mainly composed of a walking mechanism, a working organization, a shipping organization and a reloading mechanism. As the travel mechanism moves forward, the cutting head in the working mechanism continually breaks the rock and transports the broken rock away.

EBZ55 Tunneling Machine

  In China, it is customary to use the shield for the soft soil layer and the TBM (full-section tunnel roadheader machine) for the rock formation.

  So, how does tunneling roadheader machine work? As a professional Tunneling Roadheader Machine Supplier, let me tell you its ways to work below.

  ①Working principle: The shield tunneling is also required to lay the pipe piece as the stability mechanism of the excavation face to withstand the surrounding rock pressure and earth pressure. When the TBM excavates the tunnel, as long as the geological conditions permit, the open construction method can be adopted, and the pipe piece is not laid, which is a combination of excavation, support and slag in order to realize one molding of the tunnel.

  ②Cutter: Shield machine is mostly used for soft soil excavation. The cutter head has no excavation effect and can be rotated in both directions.

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