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What Should We Do, During Use The Roadheader?

Nov. 19 , 2019

Our company is a China tunneling roadheader machine factory. The tunneling roadheader is our company's main product. But also we are one of the most professional tunneling roadheader machine supplier in our country. Because our products are of good quality and excellent price, they have won unanimous praise from people inside and outside the industry.


Tunneling roadheader machine is a machine for digging straight underground tunnels. Roadheader is divided into open type roadheader and shield type roadheader. Prices are generally in the hundreds of millions of yuan. It is mainly composed of walking mechanism, working mechanism, shipping mechanism and transfer mechanism. As the traveling mechanism moves forward, the cutting head in the working mechanism continuously breaks the rock and transports the broken rock away. 


When we use the roadheader machine should pay attention to these problems, all safety locking and protection devices on the roadheader must be used consistently. They must not be changed or discarded without authorization. The pressure of each part of the hydraulic system and the atomizing system cannot be adjusted at will. Roadheader must be equipped with only special tools to open and close the electrical control switch, special tools must be kept by a full-time driver. When the driver leaves the console, he must disconnect the power switch on the roadheader. On the non-operating side of the roadheader, a button capable of the emergency stop must be installed. Roadheader must be equipped with front lights and tail lights. Before starting the machine, must issue an alarm. Only when there is no one in front of the shovel plate and near the cutting arm can the roadheader be started. Roadheader operation, should use the inner and outer spray device, the use of water pressure of the inner spray device shall not be less than 3MPa, the use of water pressure of the outer spray device shall not be less than 1.5MPa; If the water pressure of the inner spraying device is less than 3MPa or there is no inner spraying device, the outer spraying device and dust collector must be used. When the roadheader stops working and shifts, the cutting head of the roadheader must be landed and the power switch and the isolating switch of the magnetic starter on the roadheader must be disconnected. All kinds of electrical equipment control switch operating handle, button, indicating instrument, etc. To properly protect, prevent damage and loss. Roadheader must be equipped with two drivers, the driver is responsible for the operation, deputy driver is responsible for monitoring. Drivers must concentrate, not leave their jobs without authorization, and not entrust unlicensed personnel to operate. Drivers must strictly implement the on-site shift handover system, fill in the shift handover log, and explain the machine operation and existing problems to the successor driver.

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